Full of thanks

It’s such a beautiful time of year here in the States. While in one hemisphere the heat is turning up, the one I am in the leaves are falling and winter coats are coming out. A few weeks ago I celebrated my third Thanksgiving. It’s so beautiful to take a day to celebrate and be thankful. I decided to write down everything I am thankful for in 2016. I think I’m a pretty thankful person but there was something powerful about writing it all down.

In the waiting

I have felt the feeling of ‘waiting’ for something to happen. Writing what I am thankful for caused me take courage in the waiting. It’s not just about being thankful, it’s about remembering the good. Remembering overcoming pain. Remembering the moments of impact that shifted the course of my thinking. As I kept writing and remembering I felt a shift happen in my spirit. It created a momentum that brought joy. Ever wondered how you get joy? Follow the path of thanksgiving and it will lead you there. Thankfulness cultivates Joy in our life. I look back and see where I had uncertainty and see how all things have worked out together for my good. This gives me a steadfast confidence that the uncertainty in my future is in good hands.

Thankful for the future

I also wrote a list of all the things I was thankful for that are coming in my future. I didn’t just write down the things I have planned or coming up. I was thankful for the uncertain, ‘impossible’ dreams working out or coming true.

Fear in uncertainty – I don’t like not knowing. I don’t like the feeling of being out of control. But I’ve realised in order for me to be brave and go after the impossible and live a big life I need to lean into the discomfort of the unknown. That’s why remembering what I have overcome in times of uncertainty restores my confidence and brings me back to peace.

Pursued by goodness

I see how my mentality has changed from ‘there is never enough’ to ‘there is always enough’. Ungratefulness kept me in a cycle of scarcity and fear for the future. Thankfulness keeps me safe in a cycle of goodness. My favorite verse at the moment is this, “So why would I fear the future? For I am being pursued only by your goodness and unfailing love.” Psalm 23:6 TPT

Photo by my very talented friend Nikki Mata, visit her site at nikkimata.com

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A friend snuck some perfect lil BTS vids of our Companion Journal photo shoot & it has me reflecting today & feelin all the grateful feels ✨
My journey as a creative has taken so many twists and turns- I’m forever getting inspired by a new creative outlet, most of them completely disconnected 😆🤷‍♀️. I used to feel shame about how I never seemed to be able to stick to one thing, but over the years I’ve watched how all the variety of experiences really start to overlap and bleed into each other, each new chapter enhanced by the ones before. I spent a bunch of years as a wedding photographer and being able to shoot all my own images for Twin Sparrow has served me so well in what I’m doing now. Looking back, there are a thousand things that have come full circle like that. ✨
If you’re hungry for more that what your current world is filled with- trust me when I say the chapter you’re in this very moment WILL NOT BE WASTED. It’s sowing into something bigger that’s coming, even if you completely pivot directions. The people you’re meeting, the skills you’re honing, the experiences that are growing you deeper and stronger and braver... it’s all part of what’s coming. And worth it! Before you even understand what’s on the other side. You’ll be astonished at how all the pieces fit together one day. I’m tellin ya 😏#trust the process 📷: @lucassankey Photography
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