And she decided to live the life she imagined

I was flying home from the Gold Coast where I’d attended a work conference. Opening my emails I saw that I had received an email from the school of ministry in California.  The email read ‘Congratulations! You have been accepted.’ I felt nothing. I wasn’t excited or freaking out, just neutral. It wasn’t until I went back to work later that day that I felt the wave of questions come over me. I felt like I was carrying around a big secret. A big secret that had the potential to change the course of my life…

Overwhelming impossibility

It was incredibly overwhelming to try to figure out how it would all work out. I had three months to get my head around moving overseas and packing up my life. I had to arrange a VISA, book flights, work out where I would be living and say goodbye to people!

The reason why it was a huge risk for me was because I didn’t have a pile of savings.

In fact, I had debt.

Yep that’s right I said it – debt. I can hear your thoughts, “Ella, you moved overseas with no money? You must be crazy and stupid!?” Well, yes, it would appear that way and, oh, it gets crazier. By moving countries to study it would mean I wouldn’t be able to work for 9 months. So, no more income.

Goal = take a massive risk with my life

Earlier this year I was sitting in a motivational seminar and they asked us to write down how old we would be in 3 years time and what we would like to achieve. I was stumped. Which if you know me, that’s rare when it comes to goals and making things happen. In the next 3 years I would be turning 28. I could have faked it and wrote down something like ‘be the top sales person in my age group in the company’ or ‘be the best auctioneer’. Instead, I realized my goal was “I don’t want to get to 28 without having taken a radical risk with my life.” Sometimes I think we spend so much time making goals for our outward success and forget about making goals for our internal success.

Are all things possible?

I have been a ‘church girl’ all my life. In the church we are taught that God is good and he can give us a prosperous, abundant life. I was incredibly grateful for my life, but something deep inside me was hungry for more! My ultimate dream was to move to America and attend the school at Bethel. My faith had told me that nothing is impossible for God.

Money was being the voice of authority in my life

For too long my bank balance had authority over my heart. It was dictating my every move to the point where my heart wasn’t beating after anything. Money had this control over me telling me where I could live, what I could wear and what experiences I would have.

I felt like my mood would be dependent on how much money I had in my bank account. My generosity would be dependent on it, but I wanted to be a generous person all the time, not just when it was convenient.

Desire for adventure

The desire inside me for adventure and change was stronger than my fear of failure. I told my brother Jess to say to me every day “Ella you are going to America”. I had to keep saying yes everyday even though my logic was screaming at me to stay home and stay comfortable.

Peace that drowned out the fast talking fear

Fear is an easy state to fall into when big decisions are to be made. Fear is a fast talker. It’s the nagging accuser who seeks to steal your focus from clear thinking. I knew by stepping out of the boat and saying yes I would need to upgrade my peace levels. I am a big believer that in order to progress in life or go to the next level I first need to upgrade my belief system. I know that my best decisions come from a place of rest, not confusion.

How did I increase peace in my life? By getting rid of the nagging thoughts that plagued my mind. Surrounding myself with positive people who will speak life into my circumstances. Meditation, prayer and exercise have been key for me in living a life of peace. Peace is something I guard fiercely because I know how powerful it can influence an atmosphere.

Courage to change my thinking

This adventure was my opportunity to take courage and overcome the limiting mindset. How do you change a mindset? Is it as simple as replacing it with another mindset?

In the next few posts I will flesh out what it meant for me to change my thinking. I had to retrain my brain from believing “I will not have enough” to a renewed mind of “I have more than enough”. I was determined not to be a servant to money so the quest began to make money a thing that serves me.

Interestingly enough when I flicked the switch, that’s when the ‘law of attraction’ kicked in and miracles began to happen…

Ella is a Life Coach, Speaker and Writer with a passion for story telling, wholeness and living the life you always imagined! Learn more about Ella here and connect via email, instagram or facebook!


  • I can’t believe it’s the last day of school tomorrow for the year for our students at @bethelconservatoryofthearts I am so crazy proud of how far they have all come! And I feel insanely blessed and inspired to work with some of the best people I know! photo cred: @lucassankey
  • Happy Mother’s Day @dideehooper ❤️ Someone once told me no one does “compassion like your mum” and this is true she is the most gracious woman I know. She always seeks to understand before being understood, she is full of wisdom and great counsel. She is confident and full of fun, my best friend 💗 love you mum!!
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  • It’s been nearly a week since we got back from Beijing and all I can think about is the people! I am deeply impacted by this team! Why? Because we don’t remember what people say but we remember how they make us feel. And what I felt on this team was a whole lot of love, joy/comedy, purpose beyond ourselves and unity I have never felt before. I loved the late night/ early morning chats, the permission to put the head phones in to be an introvert and the delight in sharing in the hilarity of “we have no idea what we are doing”. It wasn’t just the team that impacted me but the students who left a mark - we got to teach English and Creativity to 16- 18 year olds. Seeing the transformation in the student from day 1 to day 5 was the most rewarding gift. China you have my heart. ❤️
  • I don’t think I have ever - EVER dressed up like this, not even when I was in drama school! There’s something about my friend  @lucassankey he sees people differently! Check out his Narnia series on his page! Thank you for capturing my bad ass side! And shout out to the very talented @lesliehernandez.mua and @brb_hair for hair and make up! Thank you for pushing me to go bigger and bolder! ❤️❤️
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