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So it’s 1:30am in the morning here in California. Jet lag has kicked in. In case you haven’t read my previous blogs, I have moved back to Redding, California to attend my 2nd year of school at Bethel. It has been a whirlwind, quitting my job in Queensland, packing up my life again, squeezing in a 5 day sailing trip around the Whitsundays and saying very rushed goodbyes to people in Melbourne.

Reflecting on risk

When I look back on the past 12 months of my life it has been FULL of spontaneous adventures, chance meetings, open doors and meeting the most amazing people. I can only compare my life to what it was like before I took a risk. I used to dream of being that person who was daring and free.

Opportunity has got me thinking. We all want opportunity, don’t we? It sparks new adventure, hope and the possibility of upgrading or changing our life. I can think back over my past year and see how my sometimes-hard choices created opportunities that have come about effortlessly and have unlocked new doors and dreams coming true. I love the ‘coincidences’ that happen in life. They sweetly tell you that,“You are in the right place and you are on the right path”.

When an opportunity presented itself

At a party in California in May, I said to my friend Robbie, “My Dad can get us a boat to take out sailing. We should get a few people together and make a trip out of it.” It could have turned into one of those dreams that never eventuated, but it happened. Four of the people on the boat I would never have met if I hadn’t moved to California. It was an interesting exercise putting nine people together who didn’t all know each other. We had so much fun making memories together, building connection and laughing as though we had no cares in the world.  I have to say it was fun watching the rhythm of how everyone worked together. It was all hands on deck for cooking and cleaning up. We made the most of kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, kite surfing and, of course, reading and sunbaking on the boat. We all became very resourceful with the limited supplies on the boat and it became a fun adventure disconnected from the world and getting consumed by the wondrous ocean. (For more information about our trip click here)

Letting go to embrace the now

I love the ocean. I always feel that there is something healing and good for your heart being out in nature. One of the favorite things I did every morning was wake up while everyone was still sleeping, make myself a coffee, put on my ipod and be swept up with the calmness of the morning light hitting the water. Often I wake up with a million thoughts swirling inside my head and the way for me to find peace and embrace the day with a “let’s do this attitude” is to mediate and write all my worries or cares down for the day. Then I let go of my need to control the day and embrace the present. I trust that, “Today is going to be a beautiful day”.

The intentionality of being present

If I don’t make being present a daily intentional practice I notice that I don’t enjoy life as much. When I don’t let worry rob me of the moment that’s when I am alert and open to every possibility that’s out there. The last thing I want is to receive a fun opportunity like taking a Catamaran sailing around the Whitsundays and be worrying about the future, worrying about whether I am making the right decisions and worrying about how things I can’t control are going to work out. I want to give the opportunity and the people I am with my full attention. I am learning the simple practice of gathering moments that create beautiful memories.

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  • I can’t believe it’s the last day of school tomorrow for the year for our students at @bethelconservatoryofthearts I am so crazy proud of how far they have all come! And I feel insanely blessed and inspired to work with some of the best people I know! photo cred: @lucassankey
  • Happy Mother’s Day @dideehooper ❤️ Someone once told me no one does “compassion like your mum” and this is true she is the most gracious woman I know. She always seeks to understand before being understood, she is full of wisdom and great counsel. She is confident and full of fun, my best friend 💗 love you mum!!
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  • It’s been nearly a week since we got back from Beijing and all I can think about is the people! I am deeply impacted by this team! Why? Because we don’t remember what people say but we remember how they make us feel. And what I felt on this team was a whole lot of love, joy/comedy, purpose beyond ourselves and unity I have never felt before. I loved the late night/ early morning chats, the permission to put the head phones in to be an introvert and the delight in sharing in the hilarity of “we have no idea what we are doing”. It wasn’t just the team that impacted me but the students who left a mark - we got to teach English and Creativity to 16- 18 year olds. Seeing the transformation in the student from day 1 to day 5 was the most rewarding gift. China you have my heart. ❤️
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